Press office service strategy:
how to transform ideas into news, enhance corporate reputation and communicate effectively to increase the leadership of corporates and organizations, to better assist the organization of events and improve relations with the institutional world.

– Communication Projects
– Social Communications Plans
– Public Relations Campaigns
– Media Planning, Media Relations
– Design and implementation of media campaigns
– Institutional press offices
– Photojournalism
– Copywriting specialized
– Personal Branding
– Creation of Social Content
– Integrated communication plans and global communications consultancy
– Creation and management of cultural and press events (media tours, press conferences)

Realization of investigations
We develop and implement journalistic investigations and reportage from all over the world.

Manager of Media and press releases:
Animation and management of social media strategy, to develop innovative solutions in tune with new technologies and new media, Social Media Strategy consultancy to local and international.

Offers, designs and manufactures:
Magazines, Newsletters, House organ, Inserts monographs, websites, corporate blogs. Graphics and texts for: corporate brochures, reporting, business cards, packaging, cover, poster, corporate identity.

Provides services for Universities and companies:
Distance and face-to-face learning, selection, research and staff training.